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Let data and technology drive your company.


Services offered
From casing to frac sand to stringing pipe on the Right of Way, Xpedite is your best choice for technology driven solutions to expediting your oilfield freight.


Services offered
Time is Money. Xpedite works with our industrial clients to ensure maximum visibility. From large pieces of equipment to small parts, Xpedite will use industry leading technology to improve your experience. After all, it doesn’t matter if your facility is down because of a $1 part or a $10 million piece of equipment, delivery solutions matter.


Services offered
With a vast array of warehousing solutions at our disposal, Xpedite can offer warehousing solutions from 1000 square feet to 300,000. Our Xpedite Warehouse team specializes in working with the client to provide a tailor made solution.


Services offered

Xpedite operates out of a command center in Oklahoma that allows our team to efficiently move freight across the country. Time is money and Xpedite brings industry leading technology platforms to bear to help complete your project on time and on budget.


Services offered
Our Services Team is highly skilled in dealing with government freight on a local, national and international scale.


Services offered
Our Xpedite JIT Team brings the urgency and detail required to fulfill even the most demanding automotive freight requirements.


Services offered
Our Xpedited Freight Team works closely with the customer to provide the best ag solutions. From grain to corn, hay, livestock or equipment, our team can provide the solution.


Services offered
The demand for cold chain products is increasing, and Xpedite has the capabilities to meet those demands. With a vast number of refrigerated services, we can keep your perishables delivered safely and on time. ​