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Tech services

Create a data-driven company culture with state-of-the-art technology

Real-time Visibility

Services offered

View the location and updated ETA of every shipment simultaneously in real-time.


  • Updates sent directly to your phone or email
  • Geo fencing to know when your load will arrive
  • Portal browser to see every shipment’s location
  • PODs uploaded 24hrs after delivery

Automated status updates

Services offered
Receive automated departure, arrival and pre-arrival notifications with customizable geofencing.

Carrier protection

Services offered
As part of Xpedite Services’ proprietary system, we qualify and monitor our carriers, checking daily for changes in their status’.


  • Ensure they’re safe, level and trustworthy
  • Verify MC authority and safety ratings
  • Carrier insurance monitoring

Optimize operational efficiency

Services offered
Automate processes; reduce manual communication to maximize your resources.